Approche Directe, your recruitment consulting firm in Rennes

OUR presence in Rennes fits in with our belief that a intimate knowledge of the territories, people and networks optimizes the effectiveness of our mission, namely to support companies undergoing a profound change in governance.


While being located in the heart of the region, we are able to work in close collaboration with local actors and to be closer to the diversified economic fabric of Brittany.


We are thus better placed to understand the challenges of each sector and to provide tailor-made recruitment solutions to our customers.

The diversification of the Breton economy and employment opportunities

Brittany is a French region with a diversified economy, including key sectors such as agri-food, shipbuilding, health, renewable energies, digital, tourism and culture.

The rate of economic growth in Brittany

With a regional GDP of 102 billion euros in 2020, Brittany presents a economic growth rate of 2,5%, above the national average. This performance is part of the dynamics of a diversified economy.


This diversification, also extending to an industrial sector that is both historic and innovative, allows the region to cope with economic changes and maintain an unemployment rate below the national average.

The dynamism of the job market

The unemployment rate in Brittany is 5,7% in the first trimester 2023, significantly lower than the national average of 7,2% (source INSEE). This testifies to the vitality of the job market in the region.


The Breton population, amounting to almost 3,6 millions of inhabitants, offer a large and varied talent pool. These talents not only benefit the quality of life, but also the rich cultural heritage and the proximity to the sea.

Recruitment challenges in Brittany and direct approach solutions

Despite this favorable situation, certain professions with strong technical expertise, like computer science and R&D, are under great stress, particularly in dynamic urban centers such as Rennes, Brest, Lorient and Lannion.

Specialized recruitment methods

The direct approach recruiting techniques go beyond simple headhunting. They also include more sophisticated methods such as assessing skills and abilities through tests and structured interviews, thus ensuring a better match between candidates and companies.


Companies located outside these centers may also face recruitment and attractiveness difficulties..


direct approach identifies qualified candidates, even in areas far from urban centers, and build viable career projects for both them and companies.

Recruitment opportunities and solutions in Brittany

The job market in Brittany offers interesting opportunities for companies and candidates, but also requires recruitment solutions adapted to the specificities of the region.


It is therefore essential to turn to specialized recruitment services to find the best candidates and succeed in filling the most demanding positions.

Agility and expertise at the service of recruitment

Strong’a team of mature and specialized consultants, we fully understand the challenges specific to each sector of activity and each company.


Our goal is to facilitate the transition of companies towards more agile governance, by allowing them to recruit the best profiles in a complex and changing market.


With direct approach, you not only benefit from our expertise in recruitment, but also our commitment to building relationships of trust.


We question, we evaluate and guide candidates and companies at every stage of the process, thus ensuring reliable and credible solutions for all stakeholders.