Votre candidature chez approche directe

From understanding the need to identifying and validating skills, each step of the recruitment process is essential and must be respected.

approche directe : beyond commitment, real support

1) Contact :

  • You are responding to an ad
  • You are contacted by the firm

2) Receipt of your application :

  • You send us a CV and a motivated letter of application
  • You receive an acknowledgment of receipt (AR)

3) Study of your application :

  • We analyze the adequacy of your project with that of our client

4) Telephone interview :

  • We validate the job requirements

5) Application file :

  • It allows you to prepare for the interview
  • It will be sent to the customer if you are pre-selected

6) Interview with the consultant :

  • You present your background and your project
  • You carry out personality inventories that we return to you
  • We put your project in perspective with that of the client

7) Taking references

8) Presentation of your application to the company

9) Customer interviews

10) Decision support and agreement

11) Support and follow-up of integration into your new position