Your application at Approche Directe

From understanding the need to identifying and validating skills, each step of the recruitment process is essential and must be respected.

Approche Directe : beyond commitment, real support

1) Contact :

  • You are answering to a job
  • You are contacted by us

2) Receipt your application :

  • You send us a resume and a letter of application
  • You receive an acknowledgment of receipt (AR)

3) Study your application :

  • We analyze the adequacy of your project with the one of our client

4) First call :

  • We validate the job requirements

5) Application file :

  • It allows you to prepare for the interview
  • It will be sent to the client if you are selected

6) Interview with the consultant :

  • You present your background and your project
  • We share together the feed back of your personal inventories
  • We put your project in perspective

7) Taking references

8) Presentation of your application to the company

9) Customer interviews

10) Decision support and agreement

11) Support and follow-up your onboarding into your new position