Professional repositioning with direct approach consultants in Nantes and Rennes

It is essential to debrief your last experience before onboarding on the next.


Like a preparation before a marathon, our goal is to make you consistent, through operational support, fast and local.


"Flash" support in professional repositioning :


  • Support planned on 4 to 5 sessions
  • Global report (achievements, know how, behavior)
  • Definition of professional positioning
  • Build-up an action plan
  • Set up a professional project
  • Workshops

This service can be financed by your employer as part of the negotiation of your breach of contract or by yourself, on a session basis, whether or not you are employed.

Direct approach expertise for your professional repositioning in Nantes and Rennes

Personality and motivation assessment :

The team is used to practice dailyAssessment and recruitment. Their advice is directly operational and personalized.


Analysis of the economic reality and taking it into account :

Through his knowledge of the company and the economic reality, Approche Directe analyzes sectors and functions according to the strengths and expectations we already checked.


Experienced and specialized human support :

Support is provided by experienced consultants, recruitment and assessment professionals, like: direct plug with the market and able to build and structure relevant and realistic projects.

To go further in professional repositioning

We meet you, at some moments of your life marked by change. Theadaptation to a new environment needs to be fully consistent.


In case you are not aligned, we can present you different partners like: :

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