The added value of Approche Directe in terms of assessment

Approche Directe works alongside you to assess a internal application or external, through a thorough reading of know-how and interpersonal skills.

the Approche Directe team goes beyond the classic reading of applications to seek a more comprehensive understanding human being.

This double approach allows you to bring discernment and decision support in the projection of your resources in relation to the company project .

Principle and interest of the assessment with Approche Directe for the company and the candidate

The assessment allows the company to know the main personality traits of the candidate and highlighting his behaviours.

It also ensures theskills match related to the vacant position, such as the motivation of the candidate.

Assessment is also the control of factual elements of the application (verification of diplomas, taking references, etc.) and the identification of areas for improvement, gaps and possible attention key points.

Finally, the assessment allows to optimize the chances of success by building an specific onboarding.

For the candidate the assessment allows to make a career focus at a time, to wonder about his/her career, to identify his/her expertise, know-how, assets, areas for improvement and objectives.

The assessment process in 4 major stages

1) Preparation :

  • Discovery and analysis of the problem
  • Validation of the target organization
  • Definition of the position to be filled (context, environment, skills and personality traits expected in the candidate etc.)
  • Advice to the company to present the assessment to the candidate

2) Assessment :

  • Interviews
  • Tests : personality inventories + adapted test session (logical, situation, case study, etc.)
  • Feed-back
  • Projection

3) Company feed-back :

  • Writting the summary note following the interviews, and test results.
  • Written and oral feedback to the company
  • Decision support and decision

4) Support your employee :

  • Discussion on the communication to be carried out with the candidate
  • Discussion on possible actions to consider (training, coaching, other)